Programming solar dock and new projects

After trying to cut the micro controller off the board and in the process lifting pads, I needed to populate a new board. I was fortunate enough to be able to rescue everything but the micro. I haven't yet tested the ADC sections, but I am hopeful that they and the opto-isolator are still good.

In the meantime, I spent some effort on finishing my PSU controller board and sending it off for fabrication, so expect to see some posts about that in the near future. I have also decided to start a new project for an air conditioner control mechanism, using an interface board with remote temperature sensors. This is going to be a pretty big project with SD cards, network access, relays and a webserver and ntp client just on the interface unit. The temperature sensor is going to use a one-wire DS18B20 and a multi-digit 7 segment LCD display and they will communicate via NRF chips. So keep your eyes open for that too!